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Give a Ring (of Your Bell)!

As we’re sure you know, it’s polite to ring your bell when you’re about to pass a person, car, or other cyclist. Although we do love a good, “on your left!” (despite it’s alleged disappearance), we like bells for a few reasons: They’re a loud, distinct sound, which can cut through the city noise (and…

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October 18, 2019

Salmon Stink! Go with the Flow!

“Salmoning” — or going the wrong way down a one-way street — is never what you want to do! We always recommend following the rules of the road, and beyond that, we’ve compiled some tips so that you can be the best “courteous cyclist” you can be: Remember, safety first: wear a helmet, use lights…

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October 4, 2019

Lights at Night: A Bright Idea!

As the summer finds its close and the commute home gets darker and darker, what’s the best thing you can invest in to keep safe on your rides? LIGHTS! Of course! Lights for your bike are not only important for safety. They’re required by law in Massachusetts and many other cities and states in the…

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September 27, 2019

Helmet Hair? Don’t Care!

Helmets, helmets, helmets! While they don’t protect you from everything, it’s always a smart idea to plop a foam hat on your head when you’re pedaling out the door. And there’s really no excuse: studies have shown that even less expensive helmets can still save your life. And that’s what we tell our customers: at…

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September 13, 2019

Bike Back to School!

You’ve got pencils, notebooks, and backpacks ready… why not a bike?! We’ve got a wide range of great bikes for both kids, teens, and college students, as well as enough safety gear and accessories to make any parent feel great (okay: at least better) about their child riding around Boston. For example, did you know…

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August 30, 2019

E-Bikes: Similar Health Benefits to Cycling!

We came across this pretty interesting study the other day that had an interesting conclusion: e-bikers get similar health benefits to cyclists! “…this data suggests that e-bike use leads to substantial increases in physical activity in e-bikers switching from private motorized vehicle and public transport” Furthermore, the study, which surveyed 10,000 participants from seven European cities,…

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August 9, 2019

Bikes on the T

Bikes? On the Train? A ferry? Why not?! Get your “multi-modal” on and mix in a little public transportation to your bike ride to go farther, see different areas, or get home on a rainy day. At Urban AdvenTours, we’re big fans of the ways that the MBTA has enabled cyclists to use their services…

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June 21, 2019

Join Us at the Redbones Bike Party!

We’ll be riding over this Monday, June 3 to hang out and table at the 23rd Annual Redbones Bike Party, and we’d love to see you there! The Redbones bike party is a celebration of all things cycling, benefiting MassBike and the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA). As per the organizers: “Yes, there will…

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May 29, 2019

Protect Your Bike From Theft!

Unfortunately it’s that time of year again… wheels, seats, and bikes are starting to disappear. And while we’re always happy to get you back on two wheels — whether it’s literally new wheels, a new saddle, or bike — we would much rather help you prevent having your bike stuff stolen in the first place!…

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May 15, 2019

Get Your Bike Ready for Spring!

Whether you’ve been riding all winter long, have spent time on the trainer, or are itching to get your bike out of the garage or basement, we’re here to help you get ready for spring! Chances are, your bike could probably use a tune-up (ESPECIALLY if you’ve been riding through all the salt on the…

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April 19, 2019