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Helmet Hair? Don’t Care!


Helmets, helmets, helmets!

While they don’t protect you from everything, it’s always a smart idea to plop a foam hat on your head when you’re pedaling out the door. And there’s really no excuse: studies have shown that even less expensive helmets can still save your life.

And that’s what we tell our customers: at the end of the day, all the helmets we sell will protect you from everything that a helmet is designed to do: the biggest differences are weight, ventilation, and of course… style!

(For example, maybe you’re into Space Cats!)

That said, helmets really are getting better all the time, with the recent introduction of technologies like M.I.P.S. and Specialized’s AGNi system. They’ve event started incorporating lights into helmets, which we as urban cyclists simply love! As ever, we’ve got a wide range of options at Urban Cycles.

Did you know…? The foam protection in helmets unfortunately does not last forever. UV rays break down the foam, and because of that, it’s good practice to replace your helmet every three years.

So even if it might mess up your hair a little, it’ll make your mom really happy if you wear a helmet.

Ride smart and safe out there!