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We are Boston’s finest cycling outfitter, offering bike tours, rentals, and a full-service bike shop.

Our tours and rentals are great for the whole family, or for expert cyclists alike. Come ride with us, and get ready for a fun exploration of the city and beyond! Don’t just take our word for it, check out our awesome online reviews. Once you’re ready for a Boston adventure tour you won’t forget, simply reserve an Urban AdvenTours experience with us and see for yourself how we’ve earned our outstanding reputation.

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Fat Bike Fridays

$50 Fat Bike and Mountain Bike rentals, every Friday! Use code “FatBikeFriday” at checkout.

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Give a Ring (of Your Bell)!

As we’re sure you know, it’s polite to ring your bell when you’re about to pass a person, car, or other cyclist. Although we do love a good, “on your left!” (despite it’s alleged disappearance), we like bells for a few reasons: They’re a loud, distinct sound, which can cut through the city noise (and…

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Salmon Stink! Go with the Flow!

“Salmoning” — or going the wrong way down a one-way street — is never what you want to do! We always recommend following the rules of the road, and beyond that, we’ve compiled some tips so that you can be the best “courteous cyclist” you can be: Remember, safety first: wear a helmet, use lights…

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