Meet the Urban AdvenTours Team!

Every one of our staff members loves bikes and offers a unique perspective on bicycling in Boston and its surrounding areas. With such diverse backgrounds, they can offer a multitude of information on just about anything related to Boston or bicycles. From where to get the best pizza to recommending the best bike for your cycling needs, someone on our team can answer any question you throw at us.

Andrew Prescott

Chief Wheel Officer

Thanks for stopping by our website and seeing what Urban AdvenTours is all about. As the Chief Wheel Officer of Urban AdvenTours, my goal is to get everyone riding bikes. We do it by offering quality rentals, selling and servicing bikes, and providing an awesome experience on our tours. All the guides you will ride with here are passionate cyclists, who use the bike for transportation and recreation, and love showing off our wonderful city by bicycle. Ok, so you want a little more info on me? Waterford High School football captain, to Wesleyan University Psychology/Sociology degree, to recruiter, bartender, world traveler, accountant, marketing manager for Anheuser-Busch, to BioBus driving fool. It is nice to be doing something I sincerely believe in, providing a great work environment for my crew and a great experience for our guests.

Alex Doig

Alex (center) was born and raised in Concord MA, a town rich with American History and beautiful bike rides. Alex graduated from Hamilton College in 2016 with a BA in Geosciences. While in school, he ran the campus bike shop, and raced with the college cycling team. Over the summers, Alex leads and supports long-distance bike tours for high-school aged youth. These tours have included various week-long trips in and around New England, three-week tours from Eugene, OR to San Francisco, a cross-country tour from Charleston, SC to San Diego, and a cross-Europe tour from Amsterdam to Venice. In the future, Alex hopes to share his passions by becoming an educator in the field of Earth Sciences and Outdoor Education – all the while supporting cycling in any way possible. Oh, and did you know he has the cycling merit badge?

Jim Cadenhead

Jim Cadenhead loves bikes for all the right reasons: the thrill of squeezing yourself through traffic, the exultation of conquering a challenging obstacle, the camaraderie of like-minded wingnuts, the righteousness of avoiding parking tickets, and the ability to marinate in the environment you’re traversing. He started wrenching for a bicycle shop in high school (before emails, cell phones, and friendster), and it has been one of his most fulfilling and least dangerous jobs, so he keeps coming back to it. Jim ran two bike shops in California – Orange 20 in Los Angeles and Cranky’s in Santa Barbara. He worked as a mechanic and tour guide in West Virginia, a bike messenger in a few cities, and as a test mechanic for Bicycling magazine. Jim’s been involved in the Bicycle Film Festival, the Bicycle Kitchen, Bike Talk (LA), bicycle advocacy, bicycle touring and competitions, and most everything else bicycle related he could find.

Danny Elfanbaum

Danny is from St. Louis, MO, where he rode bikes a ton as a kid and also as an enthusiastic bike commuter after finishing up college in south Florida. After taking some time off to doodle around the country a bit — take in the sights, see friends, bike in a bunch of different cities — he followed his lady to northern Wisconsin, where he was introduced to fat biking and riding on frozen lakes when it’s very, very cold outside. Fun fact: frozen bays in Lake Superior make great riding! In his life outside of bikes, Danny likes to read books and attempt to write them. He’s super jazzed to be a part of the team at UA, and looks forward to helping you get all set up on a bike!

Harris Brancazio

Harris is a Cambridge born and raised cyclist, who’s been turning pedals and wrenches since he was a little kid. An avid cyclist, he rides all bikes from road to BMX and loves them all. He has learned how to weld, and aspires to build his own bike from scratch. He spends his weekends racing or going on long rides with friends. Come on down and let’s talk bikes!

Geoff Tam

Geoff was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. While studying Urban Planning and Environmental Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Geoff started the bike club and bike shop at his university. His love for riding bikes started at a very young age and having worked for a bike share company in Los Angeles, CA, Geoff is determined to get more people on bikes.

Lexie Raczka

Lexie is a Massachusetts native who was first drawn to biking in an attempt to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. While studying environmental science and art history at Dickinson College and spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lexie discovered that two-wheeled transportation is her favorite way to get around. Currently, Lexie’s pursing graduate degrees in Urban Planning and Food Systems at Tufts University and spending her commute and free time exploring the roads of Greater Boston by bike. Aside from biking, Lexie’s passionate about cooking, agriculture, and art.

Craig Collins

As he’ll tell you on his tours, Craig hails from the small town of Temple, Maine, and moved down to Boston in 2008 to attend Boston University. He could talk about Boston all day, from the history, to the little-known facts, to the weird things that almost no one remembers anymore. He has an innate sense of direction gained from exploring hundreds of roads and trails in the state of Massachusetts. He also enjoys homebrewing beer and riding his motorcycle.

Greg Lockhart

Greg is a Chicagoan by birth. After attending the Univ. of Arizona, he lived in southern CA before moving to Boston about the same time as Larry Bird. He has been biking the streets of Boston ever since. Greg’s favorite bike trips include hostelling along the Pacific coast, slickrock trail in Moab and the bike path to Madaket beach. He is actually celebrating his 50th anniversary of being off training wheels. When not riding Greg enjoys books, music, beer and a day at the beach. After ten years as a stockbroker he spent 15 years in the bicycle business on Nantucket Island. When guiding the city tour he enjoys telling tales of the old days at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden. Greg resides in Jamaica Plain and is happy to recommend his favorite restaurants around the city.

Tom Rodde

Tom first caught the Bike Bug in high school fixing and selling bikes near his hometown of New Canaan, CT. Lots of bike tours and moves around the US and Europe (NYC, Frankfurt, London, Prague, Paris and, of course, Boston) later, and he’s still in love with bicycling as the best way to get around, leave a minimal environmental footprint, stay fit – and have a blast! Tom’s an avid hiker and skier – Green and White Mountains of New England, Rockies, Sierras, and his personal favorite: Yosemite Valley. He’s also a history buff, and loves to share the breadth and depth of Boston history with tour guests – and anyone else who has an hour or three to listen…. When he’s not riding bikes Tom’s a management consultant with a focus on new technologies to make a customer’s experience better/faster/cheaper. He’s also a fluent German speaker, has lived in and around Boston for over 20 years (pretty much lost his affinity for the Yankees around Year 10), and can’t wait to get everyone out on a bike tour!

Pell Osborn

Born in Philadelphia, Pell has lived in Boston since 1970 and has commuted by bike for over 40 years. He’s really into Boston Architecture, and loves sharing his favorite buildings. He holds degrees from Kenyon College and Lesley University and attended Harvard University for additional study in animation. Pell developed an award-winning curriculum that uses animation as a vehicle for teaching and learning. He has taught animation at MIT, the Boston Arts Academy, the Boston Museum of Science and in the Boston and Cambridge Public Schools.

Lee Newberg

Lee has a thirty-year history of riding on the roads of Massachusetts. She has ridden long distances on skinny tires to raise money to fight AIDS, MS, and in support of the hunger-relief efforts of the Boston Area Gleaners. Lee’s favorite long-distance routes include strategic stops for ice cream. Since graduating law school, Lee has been a year-round bike commuter, logging about 4,000 miles a year in almost all weather. Lee has also run five marathons (including Boston in ’13 and ’14) and completed a handful of triathlons.

Ed Ballo

Ed knows Boston through and through and is known as our “History Guru”. He grew up in Waltham, just west of Boston, works at MIT, and rows on the Charles River daily. Ed refuses to own a car! He rides his bike, walks or uses public transportation wherever he goes and has become very resourceful in getting around. Ed speaks fluent French and Italian for our international customers, and has been a tour guide with various companies for over 35 years!

Len Weiss

Len grew up in the Bronx, but has been happy to call Brookline home for the past 13 years. His favorite spot in Boston is the Blue Hills Reservation….so much to do, so little time. While he loves Chamber and blues music; reading non-fiction and biographies, he’s also a wild man, into rugby, basketball, road and mountain biking, backpacking, Nordic backcountry skiing and motorcycle touring. Yep he’s into both kinds of bikes and his best vacation ever was a six week motorcycle tour through western Europe and England. Len has also traveled the world including the Galapagos, Venezuela, Monaco, Belgium, Denmark, Tanzania, Japan, Hong Kong, China and many more.

Bob Foley

Born and raised a few miles from Urban AdvenTours Shop just outside Boston, Bob learned at an early age that two wheels are a fun, efficient way to navigate the city. After a few decades in the corporate sales world Bob now enjoys meeting the global visitors to Boston and sharing the sites and pleasures of cycling the city. When not in the city Bob enjoys mountain and off road riding, great New England food, and travel. Skiing when the snow falls. Favorite bike memories are riding a new “big bike” to school in 2nd grade, a few Europe cycling trips, and mountain biking New England trails. Boston trails and streets will always remain a favorite. He’ll be happy to share many of the great known and hidden food and beverage spots in and around Boston.

Ken Agabian

Ken lives in Boston’s Historic South End. He has been an avid cyclist for many years. He has enjoyed running the Boston Marathon ten (!) times and makes fitness a primary goal in his life. His pet peeve is when people use the term “Cheatriots” in reference to the New England Patriots (the best football team on earth). His other interests besides Boston sports teams include travel, film, politics, and history.

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