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Our Green Philosophy

Go Green, Stay Green!

Sure, Urban AdvenTours is a little crunchy. We’ve got a truck that runs on vegetable oil. We all commute and get around exclusively by bicycle. We know the Citgo sign is a landmark in Boston, but we choose not to guzzle gas. It’s a matter of our chosen lifestyle, and we know that there is more to it than simply calling ourselves green.

We believe in the maxim, “Think Globally, Act Locally,” and Urban AdvenTours is committed to making bicycling viable in our community of Boston so as to reduce our carbon footprint on the world. Our goal has been to not only change the mentality about biking in Boston but to impart that positive experience to visitors as they then begin biking at home.

We don’t stop with two wheels either; when Urban AdvenTours expanded into its downtown locations the team was able to source almost all of the furniture and display materials from closing retail chains. It simply makes sense- reusing materials both saves money and reduces corporate waste. The team can be often spotted scratching their heads trying to figure out creative uses for everything under the sun; from turning retail counters into a mechanic’s workbench to using old employee lockers for t-shirt displays – The Bike Shop at Urban AdvenTours takes a fresh look at the retail environment. We have also committed to reducing our usage of “one time use” plastics with plastic water bottles by requesting that our tour guests use their own personal water bottles from home and filling up their bottles with our provided water station.

Sustainable Business Leader Program

In November 2010 Urban AdvenTours joined the Sustainable Business Leaders Program – an organization sponsored by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Anyone can use a helping hand, and through this partnership Urban AdvenTours is improving their sustainability initiatives, reducing energy usage and promoting a green lifestyle to their customers.


Green Business Awards
Mayor Menino’s Green Business Awards – 2009-2012

Bike Friendly Business Awards

Gold – City of Boston 2011-2016
Silver – League of American Bicyclists 2010-2016
Silver – City of Boston 2008-2010
Bronze – League of American Bicyclists 2008-2012