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Are You Urban?

Are You Urban?

It’s a question we ask ourselves daily. When it comes to advocacy, there are many routes you can take to make the city a better, safer place to ride bikes. We prefer to wear them right on our sleeves.

Introducing our new Are You Urban line of T-shirts, designed to help promote safe cycling in Boston:

Mention this page at the time of purchase and we’ll donate $5 to one of the following programs: Livable Streets, Massbike, or Boston Cyclists Union

Ring Your Bell!

We’ve all been there – enjoying a relaxing ride on a bike path, and another cyclist whizzes by, too close for comfort. It can be startling, and even dangerous on a crowded path. This shirt reminds us to give a ring, even just to say hello.Don’t have a bell to ring? It’s okay to just give a shout! Whether you call out your passes (“On your left!”) or just pretend you have a bell (“Ding ding!”) it’s always courteous to let others know that you’re riding by.




Wear Your Helmet!

We don’t like to be TOO preachy, but we can’t help preaching about helmets. It’s a fact: a helmet can save your life in the event of a crash – and significantly reduce the chance of other head injuries. We have dozens of styles of helmets in stock at our shop – stylish, functional, and fun, so there’s really something for anyone. There’s no excuse – wear your helmet! And don’t worry about your hair.

Use Your Lights!

Proper lighting at night time is one of the oft-overlooked elements of safe cycling. The fact is, Massachusetts law requires cyclists to use lights a half-hour before sunset and after sunrise. Plus, it’s just good sense! The brighter the better – be smart, be seen!

Ride the Right Way!

We’ve all seen this one. The cyclist riding against traffic on a busy street – maybe even forcing you to pull into traffic or into an empty parking space to avoid a game of “chicken”. Salmoning, or riding against the flow of traffic, is one of the most dangerous things cyclists can do. Take the pledge – don’t be a salmon.