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Rider Resources


Need a new place to ride? Need to know where to go for food? Don’t know what hotel to visit? Urban AdvenTours is here to help! Select from our resources below to see all the great offerings of our friends in the city!

Some helpful hints for riding in and around Boston:

  • Bicycles have the same rights as vehicles in Massachusetts and must follow the same rules and regulations on the road, such as signaling, speed regulations, traffic signals, and lane directions. If you wouldn’t do it in a car, don’t do it on a bike! (Except for smiling. Obviously.)
  • The most important thing while riding in a city is to have a good map.
  • Proper lighting is the law! Reflectors alone are not sufficient. Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 85 Section 11b Clauses 8 & 9 outline requirements for bicycle lighting, and we highly recommend exceeding the requirements. We have a wide variety of lights available from NiteRider and other quality manufacturers that satisfy Massachusetts’ regulations.
  • Just because you ride a bike, doesn’t mean you can’t ride the train too. Bikes can be brought on the MBTA’s Red, Orange, Blue and Silver lines during non-peak hours. Nearly all MBTA buses are outfitted with bicycle racks on the front, but bikes are not allowed inside the bus if the rack is full. Bicycles may also be brought on Commuter rail trains during non-peak times, and some lines have specific “Bike cars” that include bicycle racks! For more information on biking and the T, check out the MBTA’s bike guide.