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Bike Share

What is Hubway/Bluebike Bike Share?

Hubway/Bluebike is Boston’s bike share program that focuses on quick, station-to-station, transportation. The automated stations around town allow for quick trips across the city but are not intended for extended exploration. For this reason, we feel that Urban Adventours can offer a better cycling experience to those visiting the city than Blue Bikes.

How does Urban Adventours differ from Hubway/Bluebike?

  • We provide a high level of service, from fitting you properly to your bicycle and showing you how to use it; to providing you with a map and sharing our suggestions for where to ride.
  • We provide helmets and locks with every one of our rental bikes.
  • We’re not a computerized stand, we’re real people with real bikes.
  • We rent all kinds of bikes – from comfortable city bikes, to lightweight road bikes, to fat bikes, tandems, and durable mountain bikes.
  • We got our start showing visitors Boston by bike. Join one of our guided city tours and we guarantee you’ll have a “wheely” good time.

What does Urban Adventours think about Blue Bikes?

Bike shares are a good tool for short trips and quick errands, or for folks just getting into the world of urban cycling. Urban AdvenTours is happy to be a resource to any of these new cyclists. Need a helmet, directions, maps or accessories? We’re here for you. Think you want to take a long ride? Considering taking the kids along? Want to go ride some trails? We’re here for that too.

We hope that everyone who hops on a Blue Bike knows the rules of the road and follows them. We hope they have good directions and feel comfortable on their bike. We hope they wear helmets, signal their turns, and have a smile on their faces. We hope they become life-long bicyclists who ride for their health, the environment, and because it’s fun!

Anything that gets more people on bikes in the city of Boston is something we can get excited about. Studies around the world have shown that more bicyclists make the roads safer for everyone, including pedestrians and drivers! We think bike share can be a great resource for Bostonians and a great way to reduce short-distance car trips.