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Flats Happen: How to Get Back on the Road

Flats Happen

If you get a flat tire (or other mechanical issue) on one of our rental bikes, you have a few options for getting back on the road or where you need to go:

  1. Fix the Flat. We offer flat kits with all of our rentals, included in the seat pack of our e-bike, road, cyclocross, mountain, and fat bike rentals, and by request for hybrid rentals. Need some help? We like this tutorial from Park Tool.
  2. Find the Nearest Bike Shop. There are shops dotted all around the greater Boston area, and any one of them will be able to fix the flat for a small parts and labor fee.
  3. Get the Bike Back to Urban AdvenTours. If you’re close enough to walk, great! Otherwise, you can take the bike on the Red, Orange, and Blue lines during non-peak hours.
  4. Last Resort: Lock Your Bike and Call for Pickup. Call us at 617.670.0637, and we will talk you through locking the bike up properly and get the details of where you’re locking up the bike so we can pick it up later. Please understand that we will charge a pickup fee for retrieving the bike(s).