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Lights at Night: A Bright Idea!


As the summer finds its close and the commute home gets darker and darker, what’s the best thing you can invest in to keep safe on your rides? LIGHTS!

Of course!

Lights for your bike are not only important for safety. They’re required by law in Massachusetts and many other cities and states in the country. And for the record, we do not recommend relying on reflectors. They just don’t do the job.

Over at Urban Cycles, we’ve got a full range of lights to meet all of your riding and lighting needs, whether you’re riding in the city, doing a midnight randonnée, or shredding the trails close to bedtime.

And One More Friendly Reminder: Keep ’em Charged!

Remember, a great light is no good if it isn’t charged when you need it! We recommend taking your lights off your bike in the morning and charging them at your desk so you’ll be good to go when it’s time to head home.

If you’ve got any other questions, give us a call or swing by the shop and our staff will be happy to get you the right light for your ride.

Stay bright and safe out there!