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Bikes on the T


Bikes? On the Train? A ferry? Why not?!

Get your “multi-modal” on and mix in a little public transportation to your bike ride to go farther, see different areas, or get home on a rainy day.

At Urban AdvenTours, we’re big fans of the ways that the MBTA has enabled cyclists to use their services without necessarily leaving their bikes behind (or locked up out in the rain!).

Here are just some of the places you can take your bike:

  • Most bus lines
  • The Red, Blue, Orange, and some Silver lines of the T
  • The Commuter Rail
  • Both public and private Ferry service

(We don’t recommend actually riding your bike in the stations, however)

So, where will two wheels and Boston’s great public transportation take YOU?

For more detailed information, head on over to our Bikes and Public Transportation page.