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Give a Ring (of Your Bell)!


As we’re sure you know, it’s polite to ring your bell when you’re about to pass a person, car, or other cyclist.

Although we do love a good, “on your left!” (despite it’s alleged disappearance), we like bells for a few reasons:

  1. They’re a loud, distinct sound, which can cut through the city noise (and often even peoples’ headphones!).
  2. Admittedly, we love a good bell aesthetic. That’s a part of the reason (aside from fun) that we carry a wide range of bells, including fun, kid-friendly designs.
  3. Sometimes you just don’t want to shout. We’ve all been there: a long day, you’re already annoyed, and there’s pedestrians rolling eight deep taking up the entire bike lane. A bell can help keep things friendly.

So, as they say, let those bells ring!

(And, of course, if you need a bell, come see us at 109 Atlantic Ave!)