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Get Your Bike Ready for Spring!


Whether you’ve been riding all winter long, have spent time on the trainer, or are itching to get your bike out of the garage or basement, we’re here to help you get ready for spring!

Chances are, your bike could probably use a tune-up (ESPECIALLY if you’ve been riding through all the salt on the Longfellow all winter).

We offer a range of tune up options to get your bike back on the road. Which option is right for you and your bike? A lot of it depends on the bike’s condition! Bring you bike in and one of our knowledgeable staff will go through a mechanical checklist and make a service recommendation and provide you with a quote — and don’t worry, quotes are always free!

Our team of experienced, professional, and friendly mechanics will be more than happy to get your bike riding nice and smooth so you can enjoy your rides to stop and smell the spring flowers.

Happy Spring, and “Keep it Wheel!”