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E-Bikes: Similar Health Benefits to Cycling!


We came across this pretty interesting study the other day that had an interesting conclusion: e-bikers get similar health benefits to cyclists!

“…this data suggests that e-bike use leads to substantial increases in physical activity in e-bikers switching from private motorized vehicle and public transport

Furthermore, the study, which surveyed 10,000 participants from seven European cities, found that “net losses in physical activity in e-bikers switching from cycling were much less due to increases in overall travel distance.”

We’re happy to get some science behind what we already knew: e-bikes are a great option for many riders, whether they’re looking to get into biking or simply looking to go farther. That’s why we offer high-quality e-bike rentals, sales, and upgrades on tour.

Want to talk e-bikes? Swing by the shop M-Sa 9-8 or 9-5 on Sunday, or give us a call at 617.670.0637.

And however you ride — don’t forget to “keep it wheel!”

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