UA is proud to introduce Civia Cycles!

Today we received a beautiful root beer brown Civia Linden and upon closer inspection it certainly does not fail to impress. Civia creates bicycles rooted in cycling’s role as viable transportation. Whether that be getting you to work on time, hauling a case of root beer to a friends house, or the simple enjoyment of two wheels, the quality and level of detail built into each bike is truly impressive.

That said, the excitement of everyone at the shop after their first test ride tells the true story. Nearly all bike manufacturers create a “hybrid commuter” but most are hard pressed to put a big smile on the face of a well worn cyclist. The proof is in the pudding here, a really fun, comfortable, and pleasant ride.

We will be carrying Civia’s Linden, the Halsted, and the Kingfield.

Linden: Swept-bar road bike delivers a balanced, comfortable ride that makes carrying and commuting a pleasure.

Halsted: Cycle truck that provides you with an extremely stout front rack for all your cargo adventures.

Kingfield: 8-Speed, Belt Drive, Drop Bars. Seriously.

So come on into the shop, gaze at their beauty, and then take one out for a spin to see what they do! We’ll have the Halsted and Kingfield available in the coming months.

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