Hubway is Hibernating

This week, Boston’s infant bike-sharing system, Hubway, goes away for the winter and wraps up a successful second year.

Boston BikeShare Data Visualization (Hubway) from Chris Whong on Vimeo.
As this year comes to a close, I’d like to thank everyone who rode bikes in Boston this past year – whether it was on a Hubway bike, on one of our tours, or on their own bikes – Thank you. Everyone who’s out riding makes it that much better for everyone else who rides.

In Hubway’s two years, there’s been a marked improvement in Boston’s cycling atmosphere – the streets seem friendlier, and there are more people out on bikes of all kinds. I’ve heard from many people that Hubway has opened their eyes to how easy, fast, and fun cycling in the city is.

So as the mercury drops and the snow comes across the horizon, remember that we’re still here, and still running our daily tours and rentals. If you’ve enjoyed using Hubway and think you might be ready to take the plunge into cycling full-time, we have a full stock of used bikes, starting at just $350 – as well as plenty of tips and tricks for riding in the winter time, right down to studded tires so you can stay upright no matter how slick the streets get.

Happy Holidays to everyone! We’ll be around for all your cycling needs, 9am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, starting December 2nd.
Keep it Wheel,

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