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Cold? Rain? Snow? No Problem!


Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean riding a bike isn’t still delightful! All you need is the right equipment, a positive attitude, grit… and a flat kit probably wouldn’t hurt, either! All winter long the shop is still open serving Boston’s growing bike commuter community, and we still happily run tours for the brave of heart. And while, yes, it can sometimes be hard to face a 5-mile commute into work on a day when it’s somehow raining, snowing, and sleeting all at the same time, we think it still sure beats sitting in traffic.

But what happens if there’s snow on the ground?

Great question! Biking in the snow is a special experience (and one of your blog writer’s favorite things to do). A little patience goes a long way, biking in the snow. You want to get into a nice low gear and “soft pedal” through the slushy stuff. Keeping the pedals turning will help you balance and stay upright. Studded tires are great for when it’s icy, but for snow-snow, nothing beats a fat bike:

  (Tour Guide Winn enjoying the snow up at Camp Wapanacki)

And yes, we rent fat bikes so you can try it out for yourself! With that, we’ll just leave you a little winter inspiration for your riding. As ever, feel free to come by the shop and talk to us about your commute, riding bikes in the winter, or indoor solutions to keep pedaling all winter long.