Fat Bike Rental

24 Hours

Want to check out the newest craze in cycling? Take a ride along the beach, play in the dirt, or breathe fresh forest air? Check out our Fat Bike rentals!

The Reid Ares is our standard fatbike offering, featuring giant 4″ tires, a wide range of gears, and a huge standover height so you don’t get bogged down if you have to put your foot down. Great for riding on the street, on the sand, in the snow, through the mud, across the stream, through the woods, back across the street…you get the idea.

Rentals may be picked up at any time during operating hours on the booked date. Rentals may not be returned when the shop is closed.

We require at least 24-hour notice for deliveries. Please call us at 617-670-0637 to discuss availability prior to booking.