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News & Updates

Patriot’s Day: Bike the Boston Marathon!


The Boston Marathon is by and large the most iconic sporting event in Boston, with the Head of the Charles coming in at a possible close second. It’s the longest running Marathon in the world, and the second longest running footrace in the US, narrowly beaten out by the Buffalo Turkey Trot by just five…

Just Across the Way: The East Coast Greenway


If you’ve been by the shop in the past year or so (and who are we kidding, of course you have!), you’ve probably noticed the super awesome bike path ringing the North End, starting — essentially — right across from our shop! The path is a part of the greater Connect Historic Boston push, but…

Top 5 Things to Do this April in Boston


1. Watch/Run/Ride the Boston Marathon The Boston Marathon is one of the most famous foot races in the world. People from all over the globe qualify to compete in the race, which takes place on Patriots’ Day every year (this year it’s April 15), stretching from Hopkinton Green to Copley Square in Boston.

E-Bikes: Pedaling (with Assist!) into the Future


We had our lovely Specialized rep, Nat, in the shop the other week to talk e-bikes: what’s the deal, what’s the market, and what’s the future. And it turns out (to nobody’s surprise): the future is e-bikes! As you know, we already rent mid-drive electric assist bikes like the Specialized Turbo Como below, and you…

Bikes Around Town: 10th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival


Next Wednesday, March 20th, the 10th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival will take place at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. The traveling film fest, hosted locally by our friends over at Chiclismo Classico presents a wide range of bike travel videos. They feature everything from longer features to short, bite-sized films, covering diverse…

Check This Out: A Century of Bicycling History in 16 Pictures


We all love bicycles, we love history (especially Boston history, and bicycle history…), so when we saw that “A Century of Bicycling History in 16 Pictures” was up over at National Geographic, we couldn’t resist sharing! The photos are super cool, and the captions are really interesting as well. For example, did you know that…

Urban AdvenTours at Cycle Cities Symposium 2019


You may be aware that we’re a Cycle Cities partner. Cycle Cities brings together recreational bike tour rental companies from across the world to work together to deliver the best bike tours on earth. Last week, we attended this year’s Cycle Cities Symposium in Munich, Germany, where we got to rub elbows with some of…

Commuter Carry: Essential Gear You Need to Commute By Bike


As you know, we, along with Urban Cycles, are Boston’s Downtown Bike Shop, and we love riding our bikes around the city on tours, to work, to bars and restaurants… we like to ride pretty much anywhere and everywhere! We figured that since we’ve already talked about some of the things that make a great…

#Fix Your Bike February


February is indisputably the best time of year to fix your bike. If you’re a hardcore, year-round commuter, chances are it’s about time to think about brake pads and check your chain for wear. If you’re a sun-loving, climb-crushing, seasonal rider, it’s the best time to service your bike before the spring tune-up rush: not…

Cold? Rain? Snow? No Problem!


Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean riding a bike isn’t still delightful! All you need is the right equipment, a positive attitude, grit… and a flat kit probably wouldn’t hurt, either! All winter long the shop is still open serving Boston’s growing bike commuter community, and we still happily run tours for…