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Take an E-Bike on Tour!


Riding on our tours is already fun, but if you’re looking for an extra special experience (or a little extra boost up the hill), try taking an electric-assist e-bike on tour!

You can upgrade to an electric bikes on tour for just $35 on top of our regular tour rate. Our pedal assist bikes are always fully charged and ready to go! Whether you need a boost or just want to try out the newest technology, E-bikes are lots of fun for anyone. Our ebikes are also available to rent for $75/day, if you’d like to explore Boston on your own.

They work by providing extra “oomph” to the motion of your pedal. We have Giant Quick-E and Specialized Vado bikes available for you to rent or take on tour — and we have some for sale, too!

See Boston with ease when you rent a pedal-assist electric bicycle. Enjoy a smooth ride and instantaneous power, propelling you up hills and helping you tour the city. All of our electric bikes are Class 1 and so do not have a throttle. You simply pedal like a regular bike!