Opened in April 2010, The Bike Shop at Urban AdvenTours, now known as Urban Cycles, is a full service bike shop in the heart of downtown Boston. We offer sales, repairs, clothing and accessories to ensure that your next bike ride is comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Our goal is to make Boston a better city by getting more people to ride bikes. We offer new and used bikes from Giant, Kona, Masi, Surly, Biria, and Civia, and also a wide variety of gear from dozens of great brands. Our friendly mechanic staff will ensure that your bike is in tip top shape, with an emphasis on fast reliable service and attention to detail.

Our operations on Atlantic Ave. in the North End’s Mercantile Wharf Building is convenient for folks in Beacon Hill, Charlestown, South Boston, East Boston, Chinatown and of course the North End (plus anyone that rides downtown). We enjoy meeting neighbors from all over the city and helping as many people as possible find the gear that’s right for their needs. We will even keep you on the road while your bike is repaired with our loaner bike program.

Check out our stock of bikes new and used here!

Loaner Bikes

Can’t be without your bike, even for one day? We understand that, so with any repair over $75, we’ll loan you one of our quality hybrid rental bikes to keep you going while your bike is in the stand.

Demo Bikes

Want a new bike, but don’t want to put down serious cash before you’re sure of what you’re getting? Let’s be honest – a half-hour test ride isn’t always enough to fall in love with a bike – or tell you if it’ll be perfect for you.

With our fleet of rental bikes, you can take a day-long spin on one of our high-quality bikes before you commit to buying. If you decide you love it, we’ll use your rental as a credit towards the purchase, and if you decide otherwise, we can easily find something else in our fleet that you might like better.

Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves on our quality work done quickly. Our friendly mechanics will have your bike back to you fast – usually within 24 hours.

Custom Wheel Building

A great way to really personalize your bike, old or new. Hand-built wheels are stronger, stay true longer and just feel better on the road. Not to mention the ability to pick your wheel components, from hubs to rims to spokes. Custom wheel building starts at $45 (parts not included).

Box and Ship Services

Did you enjoy your tour bike so much you’d like to take it home with you? We can box your new or used bike for convenient shipping or checking on your return flight. We will be glad to help you find the easiest, most affordable method to get your bike where you need it, when you need it. Our professional staff will pack your new ride with all the love and care it deserves!

Whether as checked baggage or shipped through a carrier such as UPS or FedEx, bikes can generally be shipped inside the US for $100-150, and shipping rates may vary for international customers. For more information on bike transport rates, contact your airline or visit