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General Manager

General Manager

Urban AdvenTours is a multifaceted business that caters to those who enjoy bicycles and travel. Because of our downtown North End location and our popularity over 19 years, we are very busy. The work environment here is that of a high-end, fast-paced restaurant.

We are looking for someone who is able to anticipate change and see a solution to every issue that arises. At Urban AdvenTours, a General Manager must be able to make educated and beneficial decisions on a day to day basis, as well as be aware of all aspects of the business. We have a lot of moving parts here, and it is key that we keep it all together and moving forward.

The General Manager is a full time, year-round position.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Being the point person in the shop
  • Knowing shop policies and procedures
  • Training new hires
  • Managing staff
  • Making impactful decisions with assistance from the business owner
  • Overseeing all shop actions, such as ordering, sales, pricing, inventory, etc.
  • Leading staff meetings
  • Organizing events and being the main contact person for the business, next to the owner

Job Requirements

Applicant must have a experience being a manager or general manager for at least a year. Proficiency in writing and communication is key for this position, as the General Manager will be the face of our operation to many customers and companies. Applicant must be qualified to use Google Suite and Microsoft Office, as well as be technologically proficient in general. And of course, the applicant must have experience cycling, or at least be interested in bicycles in some way!