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Event & Fleet Mechanic

Event & Fleet Mechanic

We pride ourselves in having one of the highest quality bicycle rental fleets in the world, and we have heard it from our customers many times before! To do so, we make sure that each and every bike in our fleet is well maintained, test ridden, and specifically prepared for each person that rents with us.

We are looking for a trained bicycle mechanic who is interested in a part-time or full-time position that involves maintaining our rental fleet and being the main mechanic for our numerous mobile events.

Job Responsibilities

  • Knowing how to service every part of our custom Dew Boston rental bike
  • Going through our entire fleet a few times per year to make sure each bike is meeting out quality standard
  • Going to mechanical events
  • Driving the event vehicle to events

Job Requirements

The applicant must be trained in bicycle mechanics, and is encouraged to have completed Shimano Technical Education, as all of our rental bicycles have Shimano drivetrains. Applicant must have a drivers license and be comfortable with city driving.