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Customer Service & Cycling Concierge

Customer Service & Cycling Concierge

Here at Urban AdvenTours, we pride ourselves in our fantastic customer service and customer retention. Since we are the only downtown bike shop in Boston, we have a high expectation for our customer service and how we present ourselves to the public. This position is all about growing our relationships with our customers and providing them with an easy and helpful experience at Urban Cycles.

We are also looking for someone who can be knowledgeable in bicycles that can provide specific and helpful information to the customer when they have questions about their bicycle, parts, accessory, or apparel. It is important to us that people know what they are purchasing and understand why our product is worth investing in, and that is where our cycling concierge will be excellent.

We are looking for full time customer service applicants. This position will active from the months of February-November, as our sales and service slow down during the winter months. There is some flexibility to the amount of hours that are desired for this position.

Job Responsibilities

  • Being tactful and aware around customers
  • Being able to great, converse, and effectively help customers in a timely fashion
  • Running the cash register and understanding our pricing
  • Knowing our inventory and where items are located in our shop
  • Answering phones
  • Working with donations and donation requests
  • Fitting people on bicycles