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Spring Tune Ups

Thumbs up bike ride!

Ah, Spring… the snow begins to melt (pending any more Nor’easters), flowers begin to bloom, and bikes that have been waiting patiently in basements, garages, and that spot under the stairs in your apartment are simply begging to be ridden outside.

(Year-round  commuters: we see you! But we needed the clever introduction, so bear with us.)

Thumbs up bike ride!

Thumbs up to riding bikes in shorts and a t-shirt again!

Spring also means it’s probably time for a tune-up (ESPECIALLY if you’ve been riding in the lovely Boston winter salt). We offer a basic tune up, which includes cleaning up your drivetrain, adjusting your brakes and shifting, as well as ensuring your headset, bottom bracket, wheels, and all that other good stuff is tight and true.

If it’s been a particularly rough winter for your bike, we also offer an advanced tune up which gets you everything that’s included in a basic tune up, plus a drivetrain or brake cables/housing replacement (parts, of course, are not included in the labor price).

Our team of experienced, professional, and friendly mechanics will be more than happy to get your bike riding nice and smooth so you can enjoy your rides to stop and smell the spring flowers (or, you know, not stop and pound out some miles on the trails or road). Either way, we’ve got you covered.


Happy Spring!