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Let’s Get Pumping






Do you ever get the feeling you could use a little air in your tires? No, we’re not referring to your emotional state…. We’re talking Pump-Up Boston!

In case you haven’t heard, Urban AdvenTours partnered with a wide variety of local businesses to bring convenient communal bike pumps to the cyclers of Boston. That’s right—we’re full of hot air and we want to share it!

You may have noticed our oh-so-unmistakably-green pumps dotted throughout the city, and we want the world to know that these are yours for the pumping! You see, we have this crazy dream here at Urban AdvenTours that if we can connect local businesses with the biking community of Boston through our pumps, the world might just become a greener, friendlier, bikey-er place.

And, just to sweeten the deal, we offer 10% off all tours, rentals, and spiffy gear to anyone who patronizes the awesome businesses we’ve partnered up with…just to say thanks!

Also, for those of you who like a bit of a challenge, please feel free to conduct a Pump-Up Boston scavenger hunt, and find each and every one of our pumps throughout the city. (Oh, and please send photos when you do!)