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Just Across the Way: The East Coast Greenway


If you’ve been by the shop in the past year or so (and who are we kidding, of course you have!), you’ve probably noticed the super awesome bike path ringing the North End, starting — essentially — right across from our shop!

The path is a part of the greater Connect Historic Boston push, but it’s also a part of the East Coast Greenway, which we think is pretty special:

(their “Boston” pin just happens to be pretty much our shop…)

There’s a whole load of trails in Massachusetts on the Greenway, and we encourage you to check them out! And if you’re coming in to town and want to see what there is to see, we offer a full range of rental bikes to make sure you can go see what you want to see on a high-quality ride the way you want to.

Our recommendation? All we’ll say is that the Tandem‘s pretty fun…