Clearing out the grit and grime

According to our calendars, it is officially spring. Although all the snow has melted away, the trash on the streets certainly has not. We’ve also found some potholes that are large enough to go spelunking in! Here are some tips to keep your bike in tip-top shape, even though our city streets are not.

Pothole courtesy of Boston winter. Photo courtesy of Pedalstrike

Keep a look out for rogue objects in the road that may puncture your tires. One of the best ways to avoid flats is to keep your tires inflated to the suggested PSI for your style tire. If there are any killer craters along your route, you can call Mayor Menino’s 24-hour pothole hotline to get the holes filled within about two days (phone number is 617-635-4500). Or you can use’s map to mark the place of the pothole and then fill out the form that pops up to get that pesky guy filled.

As the streets have physically changed because of the long harsh winter, so too has your bike. Covered in salt, chemicals and all other kinds of muck left over from the cold season, your bike might not be the prettiest number on the street. Or maybe you left your bike out all winter and some of the parts are looking a little rusty.

Using a bike wash like Simple Green or Pedro’s Bike Lust works great at cleaning up a good amount of this grime and without ingredients harmful to the environment. Make sure everything is working as it should be and nothing is out of place by giving it a loving tune-up. If you don’t have your own tools bring it into our shop and we will fix it up nice, and get your ride running like it did before the blistering winter hit.

Warmer weather is just around the corner so get your wheels ready for more sun-filled bike rides!

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