Urban Adventours Alumni

Urban AdvenTours Alumni

These are folks who have, sadly, left our ranks but are fondly remembered. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!


Tim Rooney

Tim comes to UA after working and riding around Boston for a number of years. He brings experience with fixing all sorts of bicycles and forming esoteric opinions on any number of bike related topics. When not fixing bicycles, he can often be found riding them on both roads and trails, usually with all the grace of a running clothes dryer with a brick in it. Outside of biking, Tim often likes to go play in the mountains, on foot or snowboard depending on the season. He is also passionate about finding the best cheeseburger in a given area and frequently is researching this topic. So if you need any recommendations on bike repairs, upgrades, good hikes in the Northeast, or just want to talk about burgers, feel free to stop into the shop and ask for Tim!

Jon Malone

Jon’s dad bought him a BMX bike which he rode daily, exploring his hometown of Ames, IA. It was there that he started to develop his passion for cycling. “The freedom I felt flying downhills and exploring all corners of the town was life changing. That bike allowed me seek out new adventures and, once I took my first jump, a whole new chapter in my life was started!” Since than, Jon has raced his bike in downhill, cyclocross, mountain xc, and road categories. Beyond cycling, Jon also enjoys surfing and snowboarding to balance out all seasons here in New England. It’s his passion for sport and helping people achieve their goals that has made him a sought after trainer and coach in Boston. If you want advice on bikes or how to improve your cycling, he’s at Urban for you.

Benjy Tanenbaum

Benjy believes that Boston is at its best when you’re on a bicycle. He’s been biking in the city since he arrived at Northeastern University in 2011 to study Chemistry. Cycling quickly became his favorite way to navigate through the bustling streets of Boston. He has been commuting by bicycle ever since! He also enjoys long road rides that take him through some quiet towns outside the city. Having grown up in Worcester, a small city an hour away from Boston, he is a true New Englander. Just ask him how he feels about the Red Sox or the Patriots! Though he’s graduated now and plans to become a doctor, few things get him as excited as showing cyclists around his favorite city.

Michael Manfred

Michael is a native Rhode Islander, who graduated from Keene State College with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2013. His international experience includes a yearlong stint in Port-Au- Prince, Haiti, and a year working and backpacking though Europe. His bohemian personality is expressed in his passion for vintage steel frame bicycles from the 70’s and 80’s. He believes the best way to experience a new city is by bike because of the unique perspective that it delivers. Not only does it provide the opportunity to learn more about the world and about himself, it’s also about having authentic experiences in unconventional locations.

Darryll Fernald

Darryll lives in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. He enjoys riding his Kona Jake the Snake around town and off road on the local trails. He really liked Crank but thinks that Crank 2 was better.

Sophie DeGroot

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Sophie comes from a family of avid cyclists and grew up believing two wheels are better than four. When she began studying at Northeastern University, the first thing she did when she got to Boston was grab a bike and ride. Even though she was lost most of the time, there was no where else she’d rather be. She joined UA with the goal of spreading her love for bike lanes with the entire commonwealth. In August 2015 she completed her first long-distance tour from Seattle to San Francisco with nothing but panniers and the sheer will to see the coast by bicycle. What do you call a dinosaur riding a bicycle? A velo-ciraptor!

Sarah McNeill
sarah bio pic(1)

Sarah grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, riding up and down the streets of her neighborhood on a mountain bike. While attending college in Michigan, she switched to a single speed commuter and fell in love with cycling. From the streets of Boston, the marathon route at midnight, the rail trails of Northwest Indiana, to the quiet roads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she discovered the best way to see any area is by bike. In summer 2015, she biked from Providence to Seattle (on a road bike!) with Bike & Build and combined her love of service with cycling. Unable to get enough of the world by two wheels, she brings her passion for her favorite city out on tour!

Charles Lucas


Charles is a former King of France who gave it up to be a teacher in Boston’s public school system – too much upkeep of the gardens at Versailles! Now he plays a local Bostonian who likes traveling, reading about revolutionary history, politics, and current events. He enjoys presenting Boston to visitors from the seat of a bicycle, and exploring Boston’s food spots.

Alex Scott

Alex Scott Born right outside of the city in Westwood Massachusetts, Alex came to Boston to pursue a higher education at Northeastern University. He loves all things outdoors, but most of the time you can find him riding around the city or in the mountains of Vermont or New Hampshire. He has lived in Boston for three years and has been an active member of the Northeastern Bike team specializing in anything to do with mountain bikes. When not on his cycle, Alex loves to snowboard, trying to fix his hopeless car, traveling, or trying to find the best new place to eat.

Bill Prouty

Bill has Massachusetts roots that go all the way back to the mid-1600’s when his family landed in Boston. His enthusiasm for our local history is on display with each of the tours he leads. An avid cyclist his entire life, Bill currently owns four road bikes, one of which was ridden in the 2004 Tour de France by American pro Bobby Julich for Team CSC! Recently retired from the corporateworld, Bill now spends his free time riding bikes because “it’s more fun than golf and WAY better for me”!

Bryan Crockett

Bryan grew up in Shirley, Massachusetts, where he developed a love for riding through BMX biking. His first bike shop job was at Gamache Cyclery in Fithcburg, MA and has been in and out of shops for the last seven years. He moved to Somerville two years ago and has been using a bike to get around the city ever since.

Stuart Hellebusch


Provided with the opportunity, Stuart quit his previous career in the health care industry and transplanted to Boston in July, 2014 with his wife. Stuart hails from Lexington, Kentucky where he was born and raised. He learned to mechanic during high school and college while working at Pedal Power Bike Shop in Lexington, and racing mountain bikes all around Kentucky. He holds a BA in art studio from the University of Kentucky. These days Stuart enjoys all mountain riding (and crashing), and he’s been “loving Boston” so far!

Corey Bauman

Corey has been up and down the east coast over the past five years before moving into his Somerville home. Corey hails from Long Island; he attended college for two years in upstate New York before graduating from the University of Massachusetts, and for the past two years he has lived and worked down in Washington, DC. He is happy to be settled in Boston and excited to lead the charge getting the good word out about Urban AdvenTours… His only concern being a strong alliance to New York sports teams, but hey, nobody’s perfect!

Garrett Lynch

Garrett is a veteran member of the UA team, and has been working at Fenway Park since 2005. Garrett is full of obscure Fenway facts. Originally hailing from the Garden State he moved north to study at the Berklee College of Music. As a recent graduate of Berklee, Garrett lives by the mantra ride all day play all night. When not riding on tours you can catch Garrett on his Felt B2 but he has a special place in his heart for touring on a Specialized Globe. Garrett specializes in long distance tours for the advanced cycling enthusiasts.

Billy Lopez, Jr.

Bill Lopez

Bill was born and raised in the Allston-Brighton area of Boston . Encouraged by friends, family and teachers he attended classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for art instruction through junior high and high school. After the age of 18 though, he made his living as a tow truck operator for six years and a painter for about the same. Health and fitness was always very important to Bill so during those years of blue collar work he attended the Massage Institute of New England and received his certification in muscular therapy. Bill has been on a bicycle ever since he was seven years of age and enjoys riding all over the streets of Boston as well as rural Massachusetts.

Ku Yoo

Ku considers Boston to be his home, but he was born in Seoul, Korea. He’s lived in Boston since 2008 and his favorite spot may be Neptune in the North End. Another Wesleyan grad, Ku is a lawyer by trade, but he loves baseball, bicycle touring, autumn in New England, Bob Dylan, Prince (including Artist formerly known as Prince), Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, beer, old school cocktails, and hot dogs. Ku has traveled to South Korea, Japan, China, Czech Rep., Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England, Spain, Aruba, Dominican Republic, and People’s Republic of Cambridge. He loves giving tours with Urban AdvenTours because it allows him to show people Boston the way he sees it, not just the landmarks, but also the cool alleys and side streets.

Michaela Brady

Born and raised in Walpole, Massachusetts, Michaela spends a lot of time hanging out in Boston. A senior now at Bates College in Maine, she is working on a degree in History and Classical & Medieval Studies. After spending a semester studying in Scotland and traveling Europe, Michaela wanted to get more involved with the historical scene in her own city. She enjoys biking for fun with friends and is hoping to get more serious about it in the future.

Brendan Chambers O’Brien


The comment that Brendan loves hearing the most while on a tour is “I didn’t know this was here!“ Whether you are a longtime Bostonian or a first time visitor, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered by bike. Brendan hails from Westford Massachusetts and now lives near Davis Square in Somerville. As someone who is always trying to get involved in too many activities at once, biking has played a major role in his life. His favorite hobbies include pickin’ the banjo, geeking out over coffee varietals, and biking aimlessly through city streets.

Justin Viglianti

Justin was pretty much born into bikes. Ever since he was able to grasp the handlebars he’s worked for bike shops both in Boston and his native New Jersey. When he’s not riding or wrenching he spends time running a small design practice working on bicycle transportation solutions for Boston and designing bike shop spaces for Urban AdvenTours and other bike friendly companies. Justin has a dream that one day there will be a bike in every driveway across America.

Kris Ahlers

Kris is a west coaster from Seattle who arrived in Boston in 2009. When not biking to work or around town for fun, Kris, can be found outdoors mucking about in whatever adventure he comes across. Kris is a lifelong student who is currently taking 1st year Japanese for the fourth time. His favorite activity and spot in Boston, is simply hanging out along the Charles River. Kris has been to several countries and written many acclaimed, however, as of yet, unpublished travel essays.

David Norcott

David was born and raised in Massachusetts. He went to college at Worcester Polytech and was fortunate enough to study abroad twice. He has been to several European countries and has ridden a bicycle in Italy and Hungary. He moved to Boston in 2005 and spends his days cycling and writing software. He can usually be found in the neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton, or eating a burrito at any of the city’s fine taquerias.

Danielle Tarloff

Danielle came to Boston from NJ to attend Northeastern University. She’s been here since 2004, and really likes hanging out in friends’ backyards and porches in JP and Somerville. You can also find her around some of Boston’s venues, she’ll let you know what great concert or comedy to catch. Danielle has also studied in Sevilla, Spain and traveled around Europe. She loves outdoor markets, seasonal weather, sustainable foods, and of course riding bikes.

Cole Archambault

Raised in the bustling metropolis, er, suburbs of Western Massachusetts, Cole moved to Somerville four years ago to attend Tufts University, where he was the captain of the cycling team. While he can often be found guilty of escaping the urban snarl of Boston via the Minuteman Bikeway to explore the bucolic pastures of Lexington and Concord, Cole’s favorite Boston spots to visit include the Public Gardens and Castle Island. Cole spent the spring of his junior year studying in Barcelona, Spain. Cole has traveled to Bermuda, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, and Spain.

Annie Osborn

Annie grew up in Charlestown next door to the USS Constitution. A Stanford student and Scottish fiddler, she’s following in her dad Pell’s footsteps by giving tours during the summer. And by being really tall. That too.

Jesse Gubb

Jesse grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, about 10 miles from downtown Boston and now calls the North End home. After 4 years studying political science in the snowy woods of Vermont, he’s back in the Hub, eager to share his love of bikes and all things Boston. When not on tour, you might find him comparing cannoli in the North End (for professional reasons, of course), but more likely he’s still out riding. Jesse has lived in Australia, traveled to Israel, England, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, and Denmark, and just this summer got to explore the good old USA on a cross-country bike tour. Jesse also enjoys beards, high fives, long walks on the beach, climbing mountains, and skiing down them.

Parker Musselman

Born in Minneapolis, Parker moved to Boston in 2005 to pursue studies in political science and international relations. He soon became enamored with the simplicity of biking in a city that is, at times, choked with cars and one way streets.

Mike Quinlan

“Q” joined Urban AdvenTours in the spring of 2012 after tiring of Boston’s legal world. Before Boston, he studied at the University of Vermont, and still loves to spend time outdoors in the wilderness. He has a dog named Walter, whom he refers to as “A child that never grows up.”

Chris Thompson

Chris has lived his whole life in Massachusetts, growing up in the small town of Blackstone (named after the original English settler of Boston!). He has lived in Boston for the past four years as he attended Emerson College. Now, after graduating with a degree in Political Communication, Chris aims to make a splash in the State House. Biking is one of his absolute passions in life along with heavy metal and cheeseburgers. His best vacation ever was two weeks in Hawaii, and he has also traveled to Toronto, England, Ireland, and Osage Beach Missouri.

Ted Schwartzberg

Ted’s hometown is Boston, MA, where he has lived for all of his 28 years. After graduating from MIT, where he recently received Masters Degrees in City Planning and in Real Estate Development, Ted enjoys spending his days as an urban planner. His interests include skiing, camping and traveling. In addition, he enjoys commuting year-round by bike to avoid having to use cars and public transportation. His favorite local spot is the Harbor Islands National Park. One of Ted’s best vacations ever was riding his bike from the Provincetown ferry, through Cape Cod, around Martha’s Vineyard Island and back on the mainland to Plymouth.


Chris Jochem

 Born in Washington, DC, Chris started wrenching on bikes bright and early at the age of 13. He moved to Boston six years ago, and attended both Wentworth and Suffolk universities. He’s worked at a variety of other bike shops in the city, and now the promise of convenient and delectable treats from the North End have enticed him into our area. Aside from biking, Chris enjoys going to the Symphony, seeing Operas at the Charles theater, and movies such as Titanic, Steel Magnolias, Dear John, and of course, The Notebook.