UA Is Partnered With ZipCar and Reppin’ In The Streets!

Remember school shopping? Right around now you’d get all excited about getting ready for school. You’d get your mom to give you some money and hit off the mall. You didn’t want to look corny in the same old clothes from the last school year. You needed to come to class with the newest Trapper Keeper and the flyest clothes. New pencils and notebooks, sneakers with fat laces. You know what I’m saying here.

Well, things haven’t changed much for yours truly. When Fall is approaching, when students are flocking back to our city in throngs and that autumn chill fills the air, I feel the urge to look good. So, hey, I got a makeover. Look for me on the street. I’m the flyest Biodiesel Bus out there. I got some new green neon splashed underneath, some fresh new decals, and a new voice: a customized horn. I feel, look and sound like a million bucks, and of course, I’m still running Biodiesel.

It’s not just me feeling the need to look good. I know you all want to look snazzy, too. Well, the folks at Urban AdvenTours have got you covered. Literally. Check out the link to the new tshirts. Where do you bike? Boston? Cambridge? JP? You’re all set. Now you can rep your neighborhood and your love of bikes all at once.

Speaking of looking good, there’s a good looking partnership on the horizon. Urban AdvenTours has teamed up with Zip Car. If you live in the Boston area you are probably familiar with Zip Car. It’s a brilliant idea: a car for when you need a car. You pay a small fee to join and then you have a car at your disposal. This way you don’t have to worry about parking, traffic, repairs or any of the other headaches of owning a car in this crowded town. And now Zip Car and Urban AdvenTours are working together: two great companies addressing the problems of our day in a smart, energetic way. Looks real good to me.

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