There is Bike Share in Boston

You heard me right. It might not be the city’s program and it might not have a million satellites, but the basic idea is already in place with Urban Bike Share.

Bold? Risky? Nah, just think of it as a membership to a really cool bike program where you get great deals and can experience all the joys of cycling without having to own a bike. Here’s the basic breakdown:

– 10 or 22 Bike Bucks.
– Free guided tour of Boston to teach members the ins and outs of city riding.
– Discount on registration for Hub on Wheels.
– Donation to Livable Streets Alliance, Hub on Wheels, MassBike and Bikes Not Bombs.
– Discount on merchandise, tours, additional Bike Bucks and rental accessories.
– Lifetime discounted membership with Zipcar.
– E-newsletter full of updates on local bike events.

There are two tiers or membership, the 3-Speed and the 10-Speed with the 10-Speed providing more Bike Bucks. Bike Bucks are valued at one buck per 24 hour hybrid rental, which always includes a helmet and a lock.

We also want to make sure that our members are comfortable riding in the city and we offer suggested routes for all Urban Bike Share members. We’re all about promoting more bikes in Boston and hope to ensure safe, city-smart riding with our Bike Share.

“I already own a bike” you say? Urban Bike Share membership gives you access to our full fleet of bikes including those gorgeous Allezs for that first big charity ride or triathlon. Bike Bucks are also great for visiting friends or family who want to go ride with you. Membership also gets you discounts on our tours, to get those friends and family out of your hair, and on all our merchandise. Perhaps gifts for said family?

So don’t worry about storing a bicycle or even having to maintain it. We’ll take care of all of that. Just come ride with us and bring your family and friends.

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