The flashy new UA Guide Bikes

We’ve added the Giant Transend LX to our fleet of bikes for our guides to navigate through the city. While ours have catchy green grips and bright flags on them – we’ve got some cool ones for sale too. Here’s our tour guide Niko’s take on the bikes:

This is a top-notch city bike set apart by its comfort. The upright geometry in combination with a generous saddle and ergonomic grips make it incredibly cozy on those long commutes to the office. And brushed chrome fenders provide protection on those inevitable wet days.

The good: This bike is stylish. A real wood rack complements the earth toned finish and really makes the bike stand out in your Bike Friday peloton. It’s relatively fast with smooth 700c wheels and the mechanical disc brakes for confident stopping in any condition.

The bad: It’s not so bad. This isn’t the lightest hybrid out there–especially in this price range. The weight makes the bike a bit sluggish on climbs. However, the solid design and heavy duty parts make it ideal for hauling panniers or a basket. Trade offs. Additionally, the fenders (as with most fenders) can come out of place and have to be adjusted.

The bottom line is that the Transend LX is a smooth and beautiful piece of bike that will not disappoint.

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