St. Patrick’s Day Parade Day!

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Urban AdvenTours team was lucky enough to be a part of one of the largest St. Patrick’s day parades in the nation- right over in Southie!

We rocked our new ‘I bike Southie’ shirts. Caitlin bikes Southie- do you?
St. Patrick's Day Parade
We’ve got more here at the shop- come get your own!

The BioBus came to celebrate too! He looks great in green.
St. Patrick's Day Parade

Parker took a more passive approach to biking Southie.
St. Patrick's Day Parade

We liked the people who came out to watch and the Tootsie Rolls from the guys in front of us best. Next year, remind us to wear sunscreen! Clover-shaped sunburns aren’t nearly as cool as they might sound. Guess that’s the luck of the Irish for you!

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