Reviews of UA Bikes from those who know them best

Our Tour guides spend and awful lot of time on our bikes. From running errands, commuting, and of course giving tours on them our guides know these bikes from the saddle to the pedals. They’ve served us well and we’re now making them available for purchase. Come check one out, get the specs and take it for a test ride. Here’s the inside scoop on the Specialized Globe Vienna from our guide Pell:

A Smooth Ride; A Great Ride!

I’ve been riding a Specialized Globe bike for three years: it’s been the smoothest ride of my life!

I can’t recommend the Globe highly enough! Its solid, strong construction, its excellent gearing, shift response, and powerful brakes make a person wonder why he or she rode anything else!

Urban AdvenTours is selling some excellent, tried and true Globes, which have been used for the past season.

You might think, Why would I invest in a rental bike? For this reason: UA treats its rentals like brand-new vehicles, carefully maintaining, adjusting and tweaking them after almost every trip. In short, UA’s Globe bicycles are beautifully functioning, well-oiled veterans, and well worth an investment if you’re looking for a great deal and a solid ride.

Come ride with UA! It’s fun, it’s educational, and it’s like no other trip through Boston! And come check out our fine line of used Globes, too!

Sincerely submitted,
Pell Osborn, tour guide
Urban AdvenTours

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