Pump It Up!

This is the first in a regular series profiling local cyclists that we ambush while they

are using our shop pump. Today we meet John M., a North End native.

Q: What is your main reason for riding (commuting, pleasure, escaping large crowds of fans chasing you, etc.)

Q: What was your reason for stopping by the shop at Urban AdvenTours?
A: Tire needed some air / Also purchased the bike at the Urban shop

Q: What type of bike do you ride? Any stories behind it?
A:Giant Defy – purchased the bike for 100 mile charity ride. I’ve been hooked since.

Q: Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you/that you have seen while biking through Boston?
A: During the spring I was riding through the Back Bay when the transformer exploded next to the Hilton. Smoke was so thick I couldn’t see while I was riding.

Q: Favorite cafe or restaurant downtown?
A: Trattoria il Panino / Going Bananas / Theo’s

A big thanks to John for sharing his story with us! Do you want to be featured on our blog? Come visit us at 103 and 109 Atlantic Ave!

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