New Bus on the Block: UA Is Meeting New Neighbors

BTD and Bike Bag

Well I’m all tuned up and ready to roll through another great spring and summer. Oiled up and ready to go, much like all the bikes hanging in the back ready for delivery. I’ve been cruising around the North End a bunch now, checking out all the hot spots near our new home at 103 Atlantic Avenue. There’s so much to see with the Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, and Government Center right down the street and all the great culture of the North End and Waterfront around us.

What comes with the new neighborhood is the challenge of finding places to hang out during the day. I’m a big guy and need a good amount of space, so parking around here has been a race to get meters filled and avoid parking tickets. So how surprised was I to have a Boston Transportation Department employee come in, not to give us a ticket, but to buy a bike bag! Talk about turning the tables, she paid us instead of the other way around. Check out the pic of Chief Wheel Officer Andrew Prescott extending the olive branch.

So with being the new kids on the block, I am happy to announce Urban AdvenTours’ Bike Week Open House. We’ll be opening the doors, which unfortunately I don’t fit through, to show people around the new space. It will be a great time and our mechanics will be giving out FREE basic tune-ups, which include checking tire pressure, tightening parts and lubricating components. You’ll be running as smooth as me in no time, so from there you should hop on the free guided city tour. The tour will be an hour and fifteen minute loop that will begin and end at the shop. This is a great introduction for learning how to ride in the city!

The Open House will be on Monday 5/11 through Wednesday 5/13, each evening from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. You can check it out on our Facebook page and invite all your friends too. There are tons of great Bay State Bike Week events going on including rides, parties and even breakfast with the Mayor.

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