MBTA Unveils Cape Cod Train Schedule – With Bike Cars!

Starting Memorial Day Weekend, the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail will be kicking off a long-awaited Cape Cod train. There will be five trains per weekend, and weekend service only, but this is a great service and a great way to escape the city on a summer weekend.

The MBTA says:

    “Friday night, the 5:12pm MBTA Commuter Rail train on the Middleboro/Lakeville line will make its regular stops and then continue beyond Middleboro to Buzzards Bay, over the Cape Cod Canal Bridge and on to Hyannis. The train will arrive in Hyannis by 7:50pm. This train will then return to Boston, leaving Hyannis at 8:30pm and arriving in Boston at 10:45pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, the train will leave South Station at 8:00am and stop in Braintree, Middleboro, Buzzards Bay and arrive in Hyannis at 10:18am.On Saturdays and Sundays, the train will leave Hyannis at 6:30pm and return to Boston at 8:45pm.”

The trains will feature no fewer than thirty slots specifically for bicycles. This will hopefully alleviate some of the traffic that plagues the cape on weekends in the summer – and make the beautiful riding down there more accessible for those who aren’t up for the 100+ mile trek that it entails.

For more information, visit CapeFlyer.com

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