Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a great ride

Boston on the Fourth of July. There’s nothing quite like it when the Esplanade gets packed and Storrow and Mass Ave get closed to cars. Our tour got to cruise right by the Hatch Shell before it got too crowded and take advantage of the roadway taken over by bikes and rollerbladers.

Both the North End and the shop were bustling with activity through out the day and those on bikes had a great way to get around the city.

All the Americana was great, but even better, the TOUR! Le Tour de France kicked off it’s 96th year and has just continued to amaze. All kinds of great psychology, physics and culture to learn about.

Today the boss of bikes, Mr. Armstrong himself, rode with his team back to the top, hundredths of a second from first place. Practically sharing the yellow jersey with Fabian Cancellara now, today’s team time trials were an exciting race and there’s still plenty more sprints, climbs and crashes to go. Viva le tour!

And on to the Tall Ships. The big boats glide in tomorrow with a variety of great events around the Waterfront and Seaport area. Go by bike to the boats!

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