It’s Monday, Y’all!

Woooo! Monday!

Okay, I realize that a lot of you are probably not excited that it’s Monday. But Monday is my Thursday, so I’m looking forward to riding a lot of bikes on my “weekend.”

Speaking of, we just put up a couple new routes on our Road Rides page. You should go check them out!

Anyhow, we’ve got a couple of events coming up that you might be interested in, and can make your Monday more bearable.

  • Emerald Necklace tours are getting better every day!

The foliage is getting brighter and brighter and the leaves are piling higher and higher on the ground. If you’ve got a morning to kill, take a cruise with us all the way to the Arnold Arboretum. Tours are leaving at 10am almost every day, so give us a call and reserve your spot to take in the crisp fall air the right way – on a bike!

Our crew a couple years back

  • The Urban AdvenTours Spirited Spin

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be having our annual Halloween ride on Sunday, October 28th. Starting at 2pm from our shop, we’ll take you on a swift and spooky ride down to the Forest Hills Cemetery in JP, riding all the way along the Emerald Necklace. We’ll share some history of the Necklace along the way, and have a costume contest in the Cemetery…so wear your best and most creative costumes!

The ride will go from 2pm to approximately 5pm…so bring your lights, it’ll be getting dark towards the end. And afterwards, stick around for some drinks and fun times around the JP area – details TBA.

That’s all for now.
Keep it wheel,
Also, here’s a dog wearing a ghost costume:

(source unknown. all over reddit and tumblr though.)

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