Hitting the streets

Hitting the road is one thing, and getting down into the gritty ever changing life of the streets is something else. The past few days have certainly showed that there’s no better way to see the city than on a bike. I know, I know we say that a lot, but it’s because it’s true.

For instance, I didn’t even get to follow along on the ICA Shepard Fairey tour. Our revered guide, G$ provided tour support and saw some great art along the way.

Yes, Andre the Giant has a posse, but the next photo demonstrates the continual change of streets and public works, as this image of Angela Davis used to have a face.

Check out the whole set here.

Sometimes our tours meander a bit off the beaten path as well. Sunday, for instance, new tour guide Greg ventured into South Boston to show a rider from Los Angeles the parts of the city that get all the attention in the movies. Apparently there are some Southie boys out there on the West Coast talkin’ up the neighborhood, and our LA friend decided he had to see the place for himself.

For those fans of The Departed our 6 PM Bikes @ Night tour, which is really more of a sunset ride, brings you right into the heart of the Seaport District. New South Boston, as they call it is a somewhat industrial, somewhat up-scale area with stunning harbor views and cool developments in green architecture.

So come hit the streets with us. They’re completely different every time.

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