High Bike Diet

It is finally REALLY feeling like summer. I’m wishing I had air conditioning and all the staff in the shop is making sure to get lathered up with sunscreen before heading out on our many tours. Not to mention that bikes are just everywhere, our rentals out and about as well as locals pushing pedals. The repair shop has been busy too, keeping everyone running smoothly.

We also had a smooth visit from some of the staff over at the Lenox Hotel. Right in Copley Square, I’m happy to deliver them bikes and they were happy to come for a short ride with us as well. As always a little professional and a little goofy, like suits through the sprinklers.

So with all this perfect weather, what better time to start getting on your bike even more? Our friends over at Zipcar are kicking of the start of their annual Low-Car Diet challenge. Kicking off at South Station at 11 am on Wednesday, July 15th, thirty Bostonians will toss their car key into a lock box for a month. Our buddies from City Hall will speak and of course the Urban AdvenTours team will be there, upping bikes .

We’ll be keeping things pedal powered at a whole bunch of upcoming events throughout the summer, so keep checking in and we’ll keep it ‘wheel.’

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