Have you been stickered?

We try to spread the love of cycling weekly by heading around town in the Bio Bus like bike-fairies dropping stickers and coupons on locals bikes. Don’t worry, we’re not applying them! Regardless, if you find yourself staring down at a sweet sticker upon the return to your ride, swing by the shop and we will hook you up with a nice little $5/off discount.

Remember that we are having a fall bike sale as well which starts at 10% off any 2011 bike in the store! We are also slashing prices of used hybrid and used road bikes. There is no better time of year to get a steal on a new set of wheels. If you already have a bike make sure to check out all of our fall gear from cycling jackets, gloves, booties, tights and more.

Show your love and we will show it back! Also, if you see the big green Bio Bus make sure to flag us down and we can hook you up with some schwag and throw some air in your tires if they need it. Have a flat and see the truck? Find us or call us and we can help you out in a pinch.

-Happy Cycling

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