Hail and Farewell: New Staff this Spring!

If you’ve been through the shop recently, you may have seen some faces you didn’t recognize. Here’s a cheat sheet of sorts to help you get to know our new shop staff!

Chris Jochem

When not posing dramatically the shop, Chris is our new mechanic here at Urban AdvenTours! Carrying with him a pedigree of experience from a variety of other Boston area shops, he performs spectacular work while fixing bikes and brightening the mood around the office with a sharp wit and wide smile.


Nick Salata

Nick commutes from the faraway land known as “Bevahley” every morning, and boy, are we grateful. He keeps the bike shop running smooth, rides tiny Cannondales, and smooth-talks customers all day…well, he has a knack for customer service is what I’m saying here!


Eddy Byrne-Maisto

Eddy joins us after a decade-long hiatus from Boston life, during which he spent some time on a farm in North Carolina and traveled around the US. Now he’s back and wrenching on bikes as our head mechanic, as well as helping keep the shop organized and, most importantly, pioneering our bike fitting program! If you need a new road bike, and need it fitted perfectly to your body, Eddy can take you from beginning to end and send you out the door with the most comfortable ride you’ll ever have.



It saddens us greatly to inform you that our longtime friend and mechanic Dan Barry will be moving away in June, as his wife has been re-deployed, and he’ll be continuing his mechanical career somewhere else. Look out for Dan slaying the Mountain Bike circuit this spring before he leaves – he’s sure to leave a lasting impression out there!


Stay tuned!

More staff introductions will be coming next week!

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