Feeling awfully special

Specialized, the manufacturers of the fine tour and rental bikes that we offer, were in Boston for the past couple of days. The occasion was the launch of their new line of Globe bikes. We built out 32 gleaming new bikes, some taken right from the production line. These are our kind of bikes, made for city living with commuters in mind. There’s some convenient front racks on the Live models and the Haul is made for just that, moving some serious loads.

And the Roll, I have a big ‘ole bike crush on the Roll, with that sleek frame, the bright green… What a life we could have together the Roll and I, cruising down Boston’s streets. I mean just look at it.

So some of the crew led people from Specialized, local dealers and some members of the press on a great tour of Boston, a little bit different than our usual route. Grabbed some coffee first at Equal Exchange and the bikes just looked so at home in the city.

So a few familiar landmarks later and the ride ended at the Globe store-in-store, where they built out a display area for the bikes and explained all the specs and design behind the line. Looked pretty cool if you ask me.

Check out the whole set of photos here and come roll with us anytime.

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