Beautiful Bicycles: Mark’s 1962 Automoto

Mark (of Slot B Design) stopped through the shop yesterday with a recent (and incredibly rare) find.
Mark's Automoto
After a minute of gawking, Mark explained that this is a 1962 Automoto – a french bicycle manufacturer that never actually exported their wares, and was taken over by Peugeot in the late ’50s. This particular model he had found, perfectly preserved in a storage container for most of its life. Even the tires and one of the tubes came through perfectly!

Mark commutes from the South End of Boston to Medford every day, and has quite a fleet of bicycles at his disposal, many of them classics or rare models. We even discovered that our mechanic Michael had sold Mark one of his bikes some years ago!

We also chatted about Boston’s increasing cycling paths, particularly on what he called the “Tour de Waterfront,” and how you can bike nearly nonstop from Milton to Waltham with only a few street crossings.

Mark's Automoto

Thanks for stopping by, Mark! We’ll see you again soon.

2 responses to “Beautiful Bicycles: Mark’s 1962 Automoto”

  1. alain Brissard says:

    I’m doing a big survey on Automoto Serial Number.
    (sorry it’s in french)

    Your Automoto must be one of the last ever produced.
    I would very very interested by knowing its serial number.

    is it posssible for you to read it on the left rear wheel “fixation” part ?

    It would help me very much.

    If you don’t own this bike anymore, you may send my message to the nowaday owner.

  2. Craig says:

    Hi Alain,

    I will try to get in touch with Mark. I’m not sure we ever got his phone number, but I do see him riding on occasion and will give him a shout when I do!

    Craig @ UA

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