…And now for something completely different.

(h/t to Monty Python, of course.)

Behold, friends, the Audi Wörthersee Concept bike.

This prototype, built for the Wörthersee car show in Austria, is an electrical-drive trick/sport bike. Does this represent the future of cycling? Perhaps, but certainly not for everyone, perhaps even the majority of people. It certainly does have a unique look to it, and an ingenious feature for versatility: instead of having a fixed seat height, the seat drops down and pops back up with a simple button push much like a dropper seatpost.

Also, it’s not just a concept: it actually rides, and from the look of it, pretty sportily. Check this video of Julien DuPont tearing it up:

All I know is that I’d like it a lot better without the battery and motor. That carbon frame looks beautifully light.

(via designboom)

Keep it wheel,

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