A Memorial Day Park Opening

With Memorial Day this year came a much-awaited moment – the opening of the Armenian Heritage park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, right next door to our shop. Over 18 months in the making, this park is a perfect bookend to the prior additions to the Greenway – as it resides adjacent to two exit ramps from the I-93 tunnel.

A minimalistic black monument stands as a stark contrast to the fluid, organic lines of the rest of the park. The inscription at its base, and the labyrinth of granite pathways etched into the grass set off a somewhat more somber tone to this section of the sunny Greenway.
Click to enlarge and read the inscription
The design team was headed by Tellalian Associates, working primarily with Stantec on the landscaping, a team that has done excellent work in many other areas across Boston, the finer details of the park are beautifully executed by Barletta, a favorite contractor of MassDot. Despite the “Heavy Division” in their name, they showed no heavy hands in the perfect composition of the landscape.
Granite paths snaking through the grass invite your feet to tiptoe along them.
The sleek and silent black sculpture is truly a jarring contrast from the rest of the Greenway – as it should be.
And in the water at its foot, well-wishers have already cast a few coins.
And perhaps our favorite part, the new park pathways invite pedestrians to wander into the North End even more readily – right along the shaded Commercial Street.
Keep it wheel, and happy Memorial Day!

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