A major BIKE-A-THON of a weekend

So last entry, our beloved Bikes Not Bombs played host to Mass in Motion, but this weekend they play host to the Green Roots Festival, all about sustainable urban living. Yeah, we’re into that.

In conjunction with the festival Bikes Not Bombs will also be holding their 22nd Annual Bike-A-Thon. The ride raises funds for BNB’s international mission to promote developing economies and social justice not to mention all the fine work they do for community youth programs. All this pedal power really can make a big impact.

I’ve wheeled ahead of myself here though, yesterday we were supporting the Cambridge Bike Committee. One of our handy bike mechanics helped the families of Cambridge get out and enjoy the Minuteman Bikeway.

Sunday we’ll be at the AIDS Walk Boston starting and ending at the DCR Memorial Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. Urban AdvenTours will be leading the way for AIDS/HIV research as we lead the way on the 5K route. There’s still time to register too, to help support the AIDS Action Committee and their great work.

And for your weekend enjoyment, I leave you with a wonderful day in London with some impressive fixie tricks.

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