A look inside the BioBus

You’ve all seen me by now I would imagine. Driving around the North End, outside Fenway Park, cruising around to our favorite hotels bringing bikes to their guest, this is the life of the BioBus.

I party on the plaza with the cyclists at City Hall’s Bike Fridays

Othertimes I get out and commune with nature

At a Boston Natural Areas Network event

And sometimes I get to park it with the Governor at the State House

But, once upon a time, a long time ago I spent my days as a postal truck. Guzzling gas, carting around snail mail, it was a respectable position, but I knew there was more to be done.

So I joined the crew and Urban AdvenTours, and our Chief Wheel Officer’s friend Dana set me up with fantastic new paint job. In October he came to visit the crew and went on one of our great Fall Foliage and Emerald Necklace tours.

Dana riding the Esplanade

He had a great time riding out through the parks system and we hope he enjoyed it as much a we’re into his great portfolio and checking out his shows.

So thanks to Dana Woulfe! Check out his awesome works and maybe I’ll be due for a new coat soon!

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  1. First off nice site. Im not sure if it has been talked about, but when using Chrome I can never get the whole blog to load without refreshing several times. Could just be my modem. Enjoy!

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