All signs point to yes, bikes!

What a busy weekend, possibly our busiest ever with big fun tours, heaps of rentals and perfect weather. We had families, visitors from afar, friends from down the street, and even a bachelorette party all come ride with us this past weekend.

Just another day with the Urban AdvenTours crew.

In other Boston cycling news, has any one seen the recent additions to the signage and roadways near the Museum of Science? Some nice bike markings on the street as well as some brilliant signs alerting drivers that cyclists may make full use of the lane. Really really great way to keep drivers from honking at or tailing bikes in that busy area.

Kinda like this, but rectangular and white:

Do you have photos of some of Boston’s recent bike friendly improvements? The new lane on Columbus Ave? The repaving and addition of lanes near the Harvard Stadium? We’d love to see you biking Boston, so send them our way or tweet them to @UrbanAdvenTours.

Coming up this weekend are some other fantastic cycling events too, both for a great causes. There’s the Harbor to the Bay ride to benefit those living with AIDS on Saturday, September 12 and A Reason to Ride on Sunday, September 13 to raise funds for cancer research. If you need to rent a bike for any of these events you know where to find us, kickin’ it across the street from good ole Christopher Columbus park.

2 responses to “All signs point to yes, bikes!”

  1. Shelly says:

    Just thought you might be interested in this quick article on BU Today about biking, jogging and walking routes in the city:

  2. Chris says:

    I miss unnkie Greg.

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